John DePetro

Producer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

I am a content producer and I have been my whole life. It started with writing short stories and drawing comic books and now I am a producer with experience in creating content in all its forms. I have a background in journalism, documentary filmmaking, podcasting, and television production - all of which informs my classic yet contemporary storytelling technique.


My passion for crafting unique and relatable stories is what fuels me every day. Though I have many years of experience, I refuse to stay stagnant and let my work get stale. I understand the digital media landscape is forever changing. I am constantly learning new ways to stay up to date with what the kids are doing. The world is growing and my aim is to grow with it. My desire for knowledge and determination to tell compelling stories in the best possible way is what drives me to deliver the best possible products to my clients. 


I am currently working as a freelance video producer, editor and photographer and I am always interested in the next challenge. Reach out today and let’s tell a great story together!

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